Discover Hanwoori Korea

Made a stop to Hanwoori on 5740 Imperial St, Burnaby. This Korean BBQ restaurant is known for their big portions and fresh meats. For those that never tried Korean BBQ its what the name implies. You are given a grill to cook your food on! But if your short for time you have the option to opt out and have the kitchen cook for you.

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Image result for korean bbqKorean BBQ

First we were introduced with sides, known as Banchan. These are sides to accompany your meal. Banchans often includes pickled vegetables (radish, bean sprouts, kimchi) sauces and sweet potatoes (although not typical in Korea).


We ordered Gamjatang: delicious pork spine soup with potatoes, radish, onions, and spices. Great for a rainy day. This dish originated from Southern Korean called Jeolla then became a popular dish throughout the country.


Fried Chicken: Leave it to the Koreans to cook a MEAN fried chicken. Battered heavily, seasoned and tossed with sauce this is comfort food.


Samgyeopsal-gui: Pork belly lettuce wraps is a staple. Take the lettuce and add some rice, pickled vegetables, pork belly and some sauce. Always a must!


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Taken from: Hannaone

Overall, I highly recommend you check out Hanwoori! Gather friends/family and try out a unique cultural culinary experience.

It’s a Charcuterie Party!


Charcuterie, a French smorgish board of cheeses, meats, jams, nuts, and goodness. This weekend my girlfriend invited me to a housewarming party and I had no idea what to bring. I went to Winners and scanned the kitchen isle and ended up at a row of shelves of wooden boards. Ding* Charcuterie popped into my mind. I ended up choosing a pizza paddle because it could dual up for charcuteries and pizza nights. I’m all about versatility. Then I bought a couple of cheese cutters for different types of cheeses… I didn’t know that there were so many kinds.

Left to Right: Long Knife (Soft Cheese and Spreads)/Pear Knife (Hard Cheese)/Serving Fork/Square (Crumbly Cheese or serving)/Spreader

Next came the food. Honestly, I had no idea where to start but thanks to Google, I had the answers at the palm of my hands. A rule of thumb pick 3 types of meats/cheeses, and the Must Haves. Here is a guide that may come in handy.

PICK 3 From Each Column



Must Haves



Fresh Cheese: Neither Ripened nor fermented cheese (cream cheese, mozzarella, etc.)

Jam/Mustards: More tang (Apricot jam or mustard)




Soft Cheese: Ripened for a short time and turned into a mold. Look for moisture 50-60% (Brie, camembert etc.)


Cold Cuts/Muscle Cuts

Medium/Aged Cheese: uncooked pressed cheese that are dense. Look for dense cheese (Cheddar, Gouda, Monterey Jack, etc.)

Oil (Preferably Truffle)

Pate:(Paste of cooked meat and fat)

Blue-veined Cheese:Sharp and strong cheese that is neither cooked nor pressed but includes blue-green mold (Blue Cheese, Stilton, etc.)

Fruit/Pickles (Dried or Fresh)



Carb (Crackers/Baguette)

Photo 2016-08-13, 4 48 40 PM (1).jpg

My board: Salami, Prosciutto, Deli-meat/White Fox, Castello Brie, Castello Danish Blue Cheese/Baguette, Raisin & Black Currant Crackers/Almonds/Dried Apricots/Apricot Jam

Now that shopping is done. Assemble it! I simply went over to my friends and assembled it there, where I sliced meats/cheeses into bite sized for guests to pick and create.

Lastly, I dashed truffle oil for some sexy flavor. What I love about charcuterie plates is its simple, artistic, delicious, and a crowd-pleaser.

Photo 2016-08-13, 8 35 13 PM.jpg

Next time, I’m going to create a seafood “Charcuterie”. Or even a Vegan/Vegetarian “Charcuterie”. Comment on which board you would rather try!

TAKO Tacos!


I think I’m on a @Takovancouver Taco roll. A few days ago I was looking for a quick bite in Chinatown and stumbled upon TAKO, a Korean taco joint. According to Wiki, Korean tacos originated in LA as street food. Now here in Vancouver right below the Chinatown Skytrain station is this brightly painted Korean fast food joint. You cant miss it.

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Tacofino Tacos in Tofino


Road trip to Tofino! My friend and I had been talking about going on a mini road trip for quite some time. Originally we agreed to rent a car for 3 nights and 4 days headed to somewhere, someplace. Unfortunately due to circumstances we had to cut our trip short to 1 night and 2 days. With limited time we decided to visit Tofino on Victoria Island to explore some hikes, surfing, and obviously the food.
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Fresh From Up Above


This week I’m bringing you reviews on camping food at the top of the Chief in Squamish BC! For those who hiked the Chief, you may recall that this hike is mixed with rocky terrain, boulders, ladders, tight corners, chain climbs, finished with an alluring view. It was totally worth the grind. However, I found this hike a challenge primarily because I was strapped onto a 40L bag filled with food and water. As well, the tight corners were hard to maneuver around especially through the obstacles.

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